Alterhito’s launch

decroissance, degrowth

There are sometimes ideas, when we hold them, we don’t want to let them go and even if we don’t do much, we drag them along our way. The word AlterHito is already over 10 years old, a name I had found for a project with friends. It was finally not done and I kept the name in mind.

ALTER HITO; two words of different origins put together to make a neologism that designates an objective. Alter; in order to evoke the other, but also the idea of ​​alternative, another way is possible. While Hito is a Japanese word that means a person or people. The idea is to evoke the possibility of another person, another way that can be followed collectively.

Now on the road, a project already underway, I decided to relaunch this idea to deal with things that I could not do with Horizon Transition to stay focused on its subject. AlterHito will also serve as a personal business card to show what I can do and offer my services wherever I go.

Perhaps also a gateway to a more literary and artistic expression. The logo expresses the idea sought by the name; the central circle and the question mark are one of my tattoos to express doubt, to not sit on certainties that prevent reflection. To keep the philosophical astonishment, to ask questions, to make that the answers do not prevent to think. Then the sinogram meaning Hito in the middle, with leaves growing on it.

Three themes will be more present; travel, computing and degrowth.

Travel, because being on the road the question of the coherence of travel arises if we want to defend ideas of local involvement, social and collective construction. It’s something that makes you grow individually, but how do you find consistency with the transition ideas I’m looking for across different projects? Is it a good thing, is it the right way? How long can we do it this way with the issues raised by the transition movement?

Computing, not in its technical aspect, but in promoting a different use of the one we currently have. Promotion of free software, try to help groups met by training to new tools that are in harmony with the values ​​they can defend.

Degrowth, because it is a very political idea and that a fortiori it encompasses the whole. To advocate a slowdown in society, less consumption and greater social justice while taking into account the blue planet. It is a little way on which Alterhito would like to walk.